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  • Category: CBIS Storage Tank Automatic Cleaner
  • Project Type: Trading
  • Ticket Size: 5 Million USD
  • Ceiling: 50 Million USD
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CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP has her own branded Oil Storage Tank Automatic Cleaner System. Some manufacturing lines of the system is in China. CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP started the activities to establish the remaining lines including final integration lines in İzmir, Turkey.

Along with the upsizing of the oil storage tank, the traditional manual tank cleaning can not satisfied the production requirement, because manual tank cleaning is general speaking a tedious and cumbersome process that putting both personnel and property at risk.

Therefore, to keep up with the best, tank farms, refineries, and tank cleaning service providers, who are looking to automated, non-man entry methods as a viable alternative. CBIS INTERNATONAL GROUP is able to manufacture CBIS -STAC Systems compatible with international ASME, PED or GB150 standards.

Efficient: CBIS-STAC system integrating desluding, tank cleaning and oil recovery in one process, which reduces to 80 percent tank down time.

Environmental: Totally enclosed working process, minimises hydrocarbon emissions and substantially reduces liquids and solid waste.

Safe: Operators do not enter the tank, to avoid risk of explosion, an inert gas-typically nitrogen is injected into the tank and maintained oxygen level to below 8 percent throughout the entire cleaning process.

Economical: Recover 98 percent oil in the sludge, reduce the overall cleaning costs.