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Co-Generation and Tri-Generation Systems

Co-generation (also combined heat and power, CHP) is the use of a heat engine or a power station to make both electricity and useful heat at the same time.

Conventional power plants emit the heat created as a byproduct of electricity generation into the environment through cooling towers, as flue gas, or by other means. Combined heat and power captures the byproduct heat for domestic or industrial heating purposes, either very close to the plant, or  for distribution through pipes to heat local housing.

Byproduct heat at moderate temperatures (100 to 180°C) can also be used in absorption chillers for cooling. In this case, such plant producing electricity, heat and cold is called tri-generation plant.

CBIS INTERNATONAL GROUP is able to construct the co-generation and tri-generation systems as turn-key. CBIS INTERNATONAL GROUP is invited to participate into the tenders for constructing the tri-generation systems of six  city hospitals in Turkey. 

Power Plant Projects as EPC and/or BOT 

CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP is able to construct the wind, solar, thermoelectrical and natural gas power plant projects as EPC or BOT with the biggest solution partners.

CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP is also the exclusive agent of Urban Green Energy (UGE) Wind Turbines for Turkish market.

CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP is able to provide finance and investment for the cost-effective energy projects such as the wind, solar, thermoelectrical and natural gas power plant projects.

DRI-IS Facility Project

CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP made the official application to Turkish Government to establish a DRI/HBI Facility and an Iron and Steel Facilities in Turkey.

The project will include the following facilities:
1.DRI/HBI Facility (having 3.500.000 MT capacity)
2.Iron and Steel Facilities (EAF Based and having 3.500.000 MT capacity)
3.Defence Industry and Special Parts Production Zone
4.Agricultural Greenhouse Area
                                                                                                                5.Power Plant (405 Mwe) based on CFBB
                                                                                                                6.High School