Defense Industry

Products and Services

Component Design and Production

CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP has experienced design team who is able to design and produce the tailored components in accordance with the client companies/countries.​

​The tailored component list that CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP can currently design and produce is as follows:
- Cooler systems for seekers
- Star Tracker
- Magnetometer

Re-design, Development and Overhauling Services

CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP is able to re-design or develop the existing components and/or systems in the inventory of the companies/countries with cost-effective solutions.​

CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP is able to give maintenance and overhauling services for aircraft and helicopters in Turkey for the international clients.

Ready-Made Product Sales

CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP has sales contracts with the biggest manufacturers as well as her own facilities.​ The product scale is as follows:
- Armoured Personel Carrier
- Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
- Rifles / Machine Guns / Anti-Aircrafts
- Radar Systems
- Rocket and Missile Motor Section Chemicals                                                                                                        - Data Link Systems
​- Personel Identification Systems                                                                                                                               - Jammers and ECCM Systems