About Us

Company information

CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP was established in 2002 in Ankara/Türkiye. The first activity area was the international trade.

CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP currently carries on the business and production in three sectors mainly:

- Defense Industry,

- Petroleum Equipments
- Energy / Electrification

Activity Areas

Defense Industry: 

There are 7 Defense Facilities under the umbrella of CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP and the total staff is about 1.200 people.

CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP has capability to R&D, design, product development, prototype production and serial production of defense components and parts.

CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP has initiated the development activities of strategical and critical components for satellite systems and weapon systems.

Petroleum Equipments:

CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP is establishing the oil storage tank automatic cleaner (STAC) facility in Turkey. The first 4 sets of CBIS-STAC System have been ordered by the clients. 

CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP is able to offer for construction all kind of  power plants, oil refineries, natural gas and/or oil pipe lines as EPC or BOT business models together with her top level international solution partners.

Energy / Electricity:

CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP is able to construct the wind, solar, thermoelectrical and natural gas power plant projects as EPC or BOT with the biggest solution partners.

CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP is also the exclusive agent of Urban Green Energy (UGE) Wind Turbines for Turkish market.

CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP has established Joint Venture with TRES ENERGY Inc., Co. for the Cogeneration and Trigeneration projects in Turkey.

CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP has initiated the activities for the railway electrification projects.


CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP has a project on DRI/HBI Facilities and integrated Steel Plant in 2006. CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP made the required application for allocation of land in the Northern Region of Türkiye in 2007. The said application is in progress. The negotiations for partnership and finance are being continued with some foreign holdings.

Remarks By Mr. İlker CANÖZER, Owner and President

CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP has a vision to carry the affiliated companies and Turkish Industry to the bright future of human beings.  We are generating the know-hows and advanced technologies rapidly in Defense, Petroleum Equipment and Energy solutions. Our belief is that we will tailor our earth's future by tailoring the products and technologies. 

We, as CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP, are running without stopping in our straight way. Welcome to CBIS World!

İlker CANÖZER - Ankara