Welcome to CBIS World!

CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP is your solution partner for defense products/systems, petroleum products and energy projects. We are able to provide design, re-design and ovehauling services for your demands.

CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP is able to tailor and customize the products/systems in accordance with your requirements.

Defense Industry

CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP has experienced design team who is able to design and produce the tailored components in accordance with the clients.
CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP is able to re-design or develop the existing components and/or systems in the inventories.


Petroleum Equipment

CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP has her own branded Oil Storage Tank Automatic Cleaner

CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP offers to design and construct the oil refineries, oil and NG pipe lines, oil and gas storage stations as EPC and/or BOT.

Energy / Electrification

CBIS INTERNATONAL GROUP is able to construct the co-generation and tri-generation systems as turn-key. 

​CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP is able to construct the wind, solar, thermoelectrical and natural gas power plant projects as EPC or BOT with the biggest solution partners.